Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Monday, 15 March 2010

Hi Ailsa

Hello from Madrid

I am writting to you from Madrid. The weather is cold and rainning.
Madrid is very beautiful city with its monuments and museumns...

I am now in the centre of Madid, where thre are many shops and many people.There are also fountains like La cibeles or neptuno. I am on my way to the prado mudeums where there are pictures of most famous painters in history.

Tomorrow morning i am going to see the forest and rivers that abound in Madrid. And at night i am going to see some shows.


Thursday, 25 February 2010



Yesterday I went with my high school to the cinema to see a film in 3D.The film was "AVATAR". It's amazing and entertaining, but is very long.The film lasted 3 hours."AVATAR"

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Hi Leon!!

This is my group. We play highway to hell and back in black.

Hi Francesca!!!!

Hi Francesca!

I'm going to tell you a summary about a excellent film: AUSTIN POWERS.
There are three films, but perhaps the director is going to do the fourth film.

AUSTIN POWERS is a secret agent who loves three things:
- Dancing music of the 60s.
- Stop the evil plans.
- And another thing that I don't tell you.

I think that is the best film.


Hello Francis

Hi Francis,

I’m writing this e-mail from school. I have just seen the film AVATAR with my class. I've had a great time. I'll start studying today because tomorrow I have an exam of Geography and then I’m going to watch television.

I am looking forward to seeing you.

A big kiss

Hi Katie

This is the movie that I love. It's name is:"LARGO DOMINGO DE NOVIAZGO" My teacher told me that you are making a video, we want to see it! xxxxx

Hello Veronika

This is the film Avatar, I love this film because it's the best virtual world that I know.

Hi Annie!

Hi Annie!
This is my favuorite film, Bridget Jones's Diary. I like it because it is fun and beautiful.
My teacher has said to us that you are making a video.
I want to see it!


Hi Nye

Hi Nye,
my favorite film is "Camino". It's a drama film and is a bit sad.

Sherlock Holmes

Hi Lauren!. This film is a mixture of mystery and comedy.
the protagonist Sherlock Holmes (Robert Dwney junior) is a wild detective who along with his dear friend Watson live many adventures


In the last week I have seen Romeo and Juliet, I love this movie. It is very romantic
It is a drama movie but it's beautiful..

Leonardo Dicaprio in this movie is very very sexy! hahaha

Hi Leon

Hi Leon,

This is the last film which I have seen. It is ''Fly 666''. It is the Iron Maiden film. I like the film and the music.

Do you like it?



I'm writing this email from Madrid. Yesterday I went with my friends to see a film.We watched "TODO INCLUIDO".
The film is very good,because it is very funny and entertaining.It's a comedy about three families that go to the Caribbean and they have a lot of adventures.
Before the film we went to Burger King to eat hamburgers and chips.Then we played football with other children that go to my school. At ten o'clock I went home because I had to study Language.
Sunday morning I had lunch and my family and I went to Madrid Xanadú, which is a place where you can ski an snowboard.
It's amazing!!.

See you soon


Hi Ailsa

Hi Ailsa!
I want to meet you whent you visit Madrid!!!
this is my favourite car
Do you like cars?

Hi Jaikesh!

My favourite film is "Romeo & Juliet" because their love is beautiful and stupid, but is really fantastic.
Romeo and Juliet have problems with their families.
At the end Romeo and Juliet die.
It's very sad but it's a beautiful movie

Hi from Spain

Hi Alice,
The weather is bad and very irregular because it is cold and there are times when it rains but we don't mind and the people are still happy and with their plans.

We've just been in the street playing the fool all the afternoon and we have done some exercises. This afternoon has been great because we have been out a lot and I've met many very nice people.This has been the best of today .

Tonight we're talking and discussing about everything that has been the best of the day in the opinion of each person. Tomorrow in the morning I'm going to study and in the afternoon we're going to go for a walk around the neighborhood. There's going to be a lot of people. Tomorrow is going to be amazing !!!

Hi Annie!

Hi Annie!

I'm writing this e-mail from Madrid. The weather is bad,

it’s raining and the sky is cloudy. I'm staying at home.

I'm listening to music.

I've just finished studying; tomorrow I'm taking an exam. Last Wednesday

We went (all the 3º classes) to the cinema to see AVATAR in English and in

3D, but with subtitles in Spanish.

Tonight I'm staying at home; I' m going to see a film.

Tomorrow, after school, I'm going to the skating rink with my


See you soon.


Hi Leon!!

Hello Leon,

I'm writing this e-mail at home. The wether is really cold and there are many clouds.

I've just seen ''Avatar'' in the cienema, it was a great movie, I've gone to the cinema with my class, I'va had a crazy moments in the cinema with my friends. We've eaten popcorn. We went home by tube.

Tonight I'm studying Geography, and tomorrow I'm tacking the exam.

See you soon!!


Hi Rifah!

it`s a photo of the film that I like and the trailer is in this web

Monday, 22 February 2010

Hello Jessie

Hello Jessie

I'm writing this email from Madrid(Spain).
I love Madrid, It is very cultural and enjoy, the people here are very cosmopolitan, friendly, honest and happy. Spain is a beautiful country.

I've just studied and I'm going to watch the tv, Which is your favourite Tv program?
Yesterday was San Valentine's day. Have you got a boyfriend? I haven't got a boyfriend?, but I was with one of my best friends.

I hope you are fine.

Coming Soon


Hi Jaikesh

Hi Jaikesh.
I'm writting this email from Madrid. The weather is windy but now it's raining. Here the people are friendly, chatty and warm. I'm listening to The Beatles. I love The Beatles!
I've just arrived to my uncle's house. In the last few days I've read a book: "The Beasty". It's fantastic but the protagonist is stupid. I've seen a movie, "Todo incluido" it is a comedy, my friends and I have laughed a lot because we have commented it aloud. So far I have seen many movies especially comedies and musicals and I've listened to music but I really love reading, now I'm reading "Romeo and Juliet".
Tonight my family and I are watching TV. Tomorrow my friends and I are going to the cinema to see "Avatar" in 3D and to learn more English. I think that we'll have fun.
See you soon.
Sara. :)

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Hi Nye

Hi Nye,
In the last two weeks I have been to Córdoba, it was very nice and I had a very good time. Madrid is very nice and interesting to visit. In the last week I have been to the centre and I have visited the "Prado". It is a nice museum in Madrid. Also, I have seen two pictures: "Celda número 211" and "8 citas". They xere very interesting but i don't recommend the first film because is a bit violent.
In the last week I have been with my friend and I have been shopping. Now, I have just watched "House".
Have a nice week.


Hi Katie

Hi Katie;
I'm writing this e-mail from Madrid (Spain), Madrid is perfect, it has many places you can visit, las week I went to the Padro Museum and I went to Córdoba, too (Andalucía, Spain), everything was very nice. Yesterday it was snowing in Madrid, but did not last long.
I hope you answer soon.

Alba :)

Email to Lauren

Hi Lauren,

I´m writing this email from Spain ( Madrid ).The weather is cold because

it´s raining here.People are friendly and chatty.

I´ve just arrived in my house with my mum. Last Tuesday night we saw´´ Big Brother´´ I liked it. I had a paella, which
is the traditional dish of Spain.

Tonight I´ve seen C.S.I but I don´t like it much.

Tomorrow I´m going out with my friends.

See you soon


Friday, 19 February 2010

Hi Francesca!

Hi Francesca

The weather in Madrid is very cold, and it's raining a lot, but I'm very happy. The problem is: if it rains, I can't play tennis. Now, I'm going to go to my friend's house. We're going to play basketball.

When I started play basketball, I didn't play very well, and now, I play a little better.

When I played my first match, I played only four or five minutes. The last match my team and I won: 33-14.

The next match, my team and I are going to play against “La Torre de Hortaleza”, and they play very well.

Write to me soon please.


Thursday, 18 February 2010

Hi Veronika

Hi Veronika!
II'm writing form Madrid, from my room. Today I have gone shopping to the centre of Madrid but I was back early because it was raining. In the last weekend I have been with my friends at a shopping centre called "La Vaguada". In Madrid there are many clothing and accessories stores where you can find very good quality clotthes.
We also went to the Retiro park, which is very big and nice.
People are very funny and crazy. if you come to Madrid I think you will like it.
Last Sunday morning I went cycling and I had a good time.

Write to me soon!! Kisses (K)


E-mail from Araceli To Tarik

Hi Tarik,
I'm writing this e-mail from my house.The weather is very bad because it is raining all the time.

I have just arrived from the centre of Madrid where I had to buy some things and although the weather is bad, when I went shopping I was walking around the streets and seeing people. A few days ago I was with some friends in the cinema watching Valentine Stories. I did not like the movie but....
And tonight I'm having dinner at a friend's house and getting ready for tomorrow.
Write soon

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Hi Rifah!

Hi Rifah!

I´m writing this e-mail from Madrid (Spain). The weather is cold and at
the moment it´s raining but I like it because I´m staying at home. We are
watching TV.

We´ve just arrived here at home. In the last weekend we have been to
cinema to see AVATAR (in Spanish), it is the best film of the year.

Tonight I´m staying at home with my mother. We are going to watch a TV series called
“Aguila roja” (Red Eagle).

I´ll write again soon

Wednesday, 16 December 2009